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Wii Doggy

A friend’s Samoyed shows his deep appreciation for the Wii Fit Plus system.

I just read that by adding 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week a 70 year old can return brain function to that of a 30 year old. Hey, get off the coach!

Cletus Welcomes Trish Dziko to Runt Farm

Trish Dziko created the Technology Access Foundation to assist young people of color to acquire the skills they need to be future leaders, and to pursue careers in technology. Cletus, the resident techno-mouse of the Runt Farm book series, would like to introduce you to Trish here and thank her for becoming the most recent Runt Farm Family Advisor. Take a look at this video to learn more about TAF and Trish.

Cletus: Ms. Dziko, so nice of you to stop by the Runt Farm for a chat.

Trish: Well, it’s my pleasure. Nice place you have here.

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Cletus On the Brain

As you know my friend Cletus is into tools, inventions, and science. He’s a fair hand with an electron microscope and a quick study. Today he’s been telling me a bit about how the brain works. And I thought you might like to hear it too — ’cause this is cool stuff.

According to his latest research key components of the brain are called microtubules. Seems these things are all kinda twisted up together and they actually talk to one another, only using chemicals as their words. And get this — when a person gets anesthesia, say before an

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