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Kids Are Smart About Viral Vids

Berries and Cream? Hey anyone whose read Runt Farm knows it’s Berry and Cream!

If you think kids are taken in by commercials and videos, take a look at this. These youngsters are definitely seeing between the lines.

My Grandma’s Teeth

A day or two ago I was walking the grounds of a lovely retreat site in New York state with Tooth. You know Tooth don’t you? She’s one of the super smart mice in my Runt Farm children’s book series. As we ambled along I told her stories from my childhood. Fond memories.

Then just around a bend in the path we spotted this little guy. I think his name is Larry. At least that’s what it sounded like. He and Tooth had a bit of a chat. We watched as he munched a lovely purple flower. One moment

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Fantastic Music Machine – It’s No Fake

Amanda Lorenzo uses the Fantastic Machine video in a gateway to the topic of reality and the universal creative mind.

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Hat Firmly On!

Amanda Lorenzo waxes nostalgic on the debut of her children’s book series, Runt Farm.

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