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Holy Cats!

My cat, Chiti, insisted I post this for your listening pleasure. She gives it five stars.

Entitled Duetto Buffo di due Gatti it is often attributed to Italian composer Rossini, but may not actually be his work. At any rate these two young vocalists from Les Petits Chanteurs a la Croix de Bois do it up to purr-fection. Priceless!

Wait I think Kitten of Runt Farm fame is warming up in the wings! I’d know that Yeeeooow anywhere.

It’s A Party!

The launch party for Runt Farm was a Loo Loo! Here are a few shots from the big day and a video too! We had world class dancers, a cool cake, illustrator Mark Evan Walker was there too. Wow.

Take a look!


Here’s the book birthday cake. Yup, books have birthdays too.





Leaping lizards?

No! Leaping Twins – Keoni and Maceo perform as Cletus and Tooth escaping from NAARF. Their full length stage version of Runt Farm will debut Nov 1st in Seattle.


Mark and Veronica Mendonca, master astists of the dance floor,

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