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Runt Farm – The Movies!

Amanda Lorenzo posts a shameless plug for the Runt Farm books and talks about making book trailers for the sheer fun of it.

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Water Works – More from MIT

Amanda Lorenzo shows off the MIT designed Digital Water Pavillion from the Zaragosa, Spain World Expo.

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Trashing the Place – Part 2

We know a lot more about the supply chain than we do about the removal chain. The citizens of Seattle and a very smart bunch of researchers from MIT are doing something to change that.

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Trashing the Place – Part 1

Today I am off to check up on the MIT project team that has been tagging garbage to see where it goes. Can’t wait to tell you more, so stay tuned! In the meantime check out these women in Kenya who are not only cleaning up their environment, but turning plastic bags back into useable items with thier crochet hooks. Hmmm, I have crochet hooks . . .

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Banking On Cheese

Amanda Lorenzo insists that while it’s true that Cletus broke into the famous Credito Emiliano bank’s cheese vault, no harm was intended.

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Fantastic Music Machine – It’s No Fake

Amanda Lorenzo uses the Fantastic Machine video in a gateway to the topic of reality and the universal creative mind.

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Playing Makes You Smarter!

Amanda Lorenzo riffs on a New York Times article by Stuart Brown on the benefits of play.

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