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Cletus Welcomes Trish Dziko to Runt Farm


Trish Dziko created the Technology Access Foundation to assist young people of color to acquire the skills they need to be future leaders, and to pursue careers in technology. Cletus, the resident techno-mouse of the Runt Farm book series, would like to introduce you to Trish here and thank her for becoming the most recent Runt Farm Family Advisor. Take a look at this video to learn more about TAF and Trish.

Cletus: Ms. Dziko, so nice of you to stop by the Runt Farm for a chat.

Trish: Well, it’s my pleasure. Nice place you have here.

Cletus: Oh, it nothing like the lab I had at NAARF, but I make do. Some of the rejectamenta around this old barn has come in handy.

Trish: I can imagine. And I understand you built your own computer? How did that work out for you?

Cletus: Well, it was a modest undertaking really, but it got me into quite a pickle with Tooth.

Trish: Hmm yes, so it seems. What did you learn from that experience?

Cletus: To be more respectful of the power of cheese to lead one astray. But really I’d much rather hear about your work, um . . . if you don’t mind. What does TAF do?

Trish: The Technology Access Foundation prepares students of color for success in today’s technology-driven world. Our goal is to see that more students graduate from high school ready to go on to college.

Cletus: I understand you have a Degrees Matter Campaign, tell me more about that.

Trish: We have set a goal to change the trajectory of 20,000 students of color in Washington State public schools every year by 2020 by providing mentoring, classes and hands-on experience, improving math and technical skills, and setting high performance standards.

Cletus: Bravo to you and TAF! Wouldn’t mind having some of your students intern here at Runt Farm sometime. I have a lot of high tech projects planned around here.

Trish: Thanks, I look forward to that.

You can also learn more about Trish Dziko and TAF at RuntFarm.com or on the TAF website at TechAccess.org.

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