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Moonbeam Photo Op

Hi there readers.

Here are a few shots of Amanda Lorenzo in Traverse City, Michigan getting her just rewards (a real Gold Medal) and just plain goofing off for the camera.

Amanda at the City Opera House

Cool Opera House Seating

Yup, angels on the ceiling!

Under New Management Wins Gold

Amanda with Moonbeam director, Jim Barnes

Lots of winners (but Amanda has the best hat)

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Runt Farm Wins Gold Medal

Amanda Lorenzo crows about winning the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Gold Medal for Runt Farm: Under New Management

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Runt Farm Gets a Medal

The whole Runt Farm family is hopping up and down right now. Why?

Because the first Runt Farm book, Under New Management has been named a medalist by Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Will it be a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal? We don’t know yet. Oh, the suspense!

Why not cast your vote here in a comment (just for fun.)

The results will be announced in a big award ceremony on October 15th in Traverse City, Michigan.

Here is a look at the beautiful seal of a medal winner.

And this is a link to the listing of all

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Kauai Kid Likes Runt Farm

Now here is a classy guy from Kauai, Hawaii who loves his Runt Farm books! Hey, thanks for the picture. And we got a fantastic review from another reader too that I’ll be sharing with you very soon.

Books 1 and 2 have reached the finalist stage in the judging for Book of the Year Awards by Foreword Magazine. Should I go to New York for the big announcement? What do you think?

Seattle Book Fest – What a blast!

So much is happening these days it’s hard to know where to start. But I have to give a shout out to the organizers of Seattle Book Fest 2009. Paul Doyle, Molly Horne-Brine, and all the cool volunteers did an amazing job putting it all together for the biggest book-loving city in the world – Seattle! And another big round of applause to the Columbia City community and business owners – this is one happening place!

I had a blast meeting readers of all ages, teachers, publishers, book sellers, other authors, kids and my favorites – librarians. (Really, they are

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It’s A Party!

The launch party for Runt Farm was a Loo Loo! Here are a few shots from the big day and a video too! We had world class dancers, a cool cake, illustrator Mark Evan Walker was there too. Wow.

Take a look!


Here’s the book birthday cake. Yup, books have birthdays too.





Leaping lizards?

No! Leaping Twins – Keoni and Maceo perform as Cletus and Tooth escaping from NAARF. Their full length stage version of Runt Farm will debut Nov 1st in Seattle.


Mark and Veronica Mendonca, master astists of the dance floor,

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Runt Farm – The Movies!

Amanda Lorenzo posts a shameless plug for the Runt Farm books and talks about making book trailers for the sheer fun of it.

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