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Cletus On the Brain

As you know my friend Cletus is into tools, inventions, and science. He’s a fair hand with an electron microscope and a quick study. Today he’s been telling me a bit about how the brain works. And I thought you might like to hear it too — ’cause this is cool stuff.

According to his latest research key components of the brain are called microtubules. Seems these things are all kinda twisted up together and they actually talk to one another, only using chemicals as their words. And get this — when a person gets anesthesia, say before an

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Runt Farm Gets PW Review

Ah . . . my all time favorite children’s book reviewer, Betsy Bird, has graced Runt Farm in her final Publisher’s Weekly Fuse 8 column for books published in 2009. 

Betsy is one of the best reviewers out there — sassy, smart, and in person she is a jewel of information and wit. Happy to have a one-liner from her any day!

A Morning Cuppa

This morning I am sipping a special tea created by hand from the garden of my delightful friend Veronica. She blended a bit of spearmint and rasberry leaf together and the delicate aroma seems to be coming directly from a place of love and contentment. Ah . . . tea.

And that reminds me, do you know that Tooth of Runt Farm has a lens? Yes, a Squidoo lens (all these new fangled things!) and it’s about tea. Seems my friend Veronica and Tooth have a lot in common! Take a look when you have a moment. Just put

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Bobby McFerrin Goes Pentatonic

Bobby McFerrin is one of my all time favorite musicians. He is, in point of fact, brilliant, inventive, smart, dedicated, and just so doggone fun to listen to. In this short vid he demonstrates the universality of the pentatonic scale. And shares that in his experience audiences around the world have the built-in ability to grock it from the get go. [For those who don’t know the word grock please read Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. It is a classic and your education is not complete until you have added it to your I’ve Read This list!]

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