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Marvelous Mom Makes My Day



We have a lovely lake right in the heart of Seattle. Actually we have more than one, but this one is called Greenlake. To walk all the way around is almost 3 miles, so it is much bigger than Puddlefoot Pond down on Runt Farm.

I love to walk around this place, take pictures, catch snippets of conversation, and check out the turtles that congregate on a certain log. There are even a number of Geo Caches along the way, but that’s a subject for another time.

One day walking along I saw a young Mom who was a few steps ahead of her toddler. Just as we passed the little one bent down, picked up a little rock, and held it up. She made a totally unintelligible, but clearly important statement about her find. At that her mother turned and said, “Is that a good one?”

The answer came swiftly and was certainly in the affirmative, though again it was given in child-speak.

In an instant I was charmed by both of these strangers – especially a Mom who allowed her daughter to explore the world at her own speed, was not alarmed about a little playing in the dirt, and who promptly affirmed her child’s amazing discovery. I suspect this child is headed for a remarkable adulthood.

Hats off to this Greenlake Mom.

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