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Runt Farm – The Movies!

WARNING: This is a shameless plug for the Runt Farm books!

Since our primary website, in all its fullness, is not up yet, I decided it would be okay to talk here about the first two books in the series and show you the book trailers too.

Trailers – Not Just for Hauling Anymore

This summer I had some fun finding out about making movies and producing the two book trailers you see here. They make trailers for movies and now many publishers are doing them for books too. Why do they call them trailers, I wonder? Maybe it’s because after the movie (or book) is made the ‘trailing’ work left is to tell people about it. And that means more movies, little ones like this one.

Here’s the Runt Farm: Under New Management book trailer.

Did you have your speakers on? The music is an original score. Yes, I found out I can make music too. Well, actually I knew I could make it. What I really discovered was how to score, record and add the music to a movie file. Whew, more fun that a barn full of mice!

Here’s a look at part of the score, which was created using Sibelius, a music scoring software package.

Runt Farm Book 1 Trailer     Copyright 2009

Runt Farm Book 1 Trailer Copyright 2009









And finally here is the trailer (with music) for Runt Farm: Beatrice and Blossom. Thanks for watching!

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Amanda Lorenzo

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