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Banking On Cheese

You may have seen the recent article on MSNBC about the bank that stores cheese for Milano’s parmesan producers. Take a look here Parmesan producers bank on cheese for the complete story on interest bearing wheels of aging cheese and the bank employees who are expertly trained in the art of maintaining the proper environment for same.

“Fascinating! Inspiring! Genius!” said Cletus, of Runt Farm.

Though I tried to warn Credito Emiliano bank of Cletus’ undue interest in their product and security systems, they seemed only slightly amused. I can’t really be blamed for the unfortunate incident pictured below, but I have asked Tooth to have a word with Cletus about this. Rest assured that despite the apparent breach, no parmesan was in fact pilfered, nor was it compromised in any way by the intrusion of one of my beloved characters. Cletus insists he was only there to test the vault systems and did not lay a paw on that particular luscious round of you-know-what! I for one believe him, for though he does get in a bit of a muddle when it comes to this particular foodstuff, he is an honest fellow and would not lie.

That being said here is the recently leaked photo that tells all.

CletusInTheCheeseBank copy

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Amanda Lorenzo






                                                                                                                        Marco Vasini / AP

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